Cherry on Top


What could be better than a huge icecream sundae? The history of putting a cherry on top of the icecream mountain probably goes way back to the early 1900s, when icecream parlours, barstool soda shoppes, and Wurlitzer jukeboxes were huge. I usually eat the cherry last, as a lasting momento of the delicious entree I just ate, the appetizing reward you may say. Maraschino cherries are the best – biting into the juicy red bulb, tasting the sweet syrup, and leaving the stem behind on the table for the waitress to clean up later.

Cherry on Top

Racing Stripes

So racing at the Brickyard is back, for the Americans. The Brickyard 400. Recently retired Jeff Gordon is back in the car, driving the number 88, in place of Dale Earnhardt Jr., who suffered a concussion a few weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed racing since I was a small child and started watching all the races in 2003. Lately though, NASCAR has become boring and vanilla what with the new chase for the championship format and crowning a random driver champion every year. Turning back the clock, I realize how much the sport has changed with drivers coming and going and the added social layer of the Internet. Today I realized that one section of grandstands at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway was basically empty, a sad sign that an event once hyped and anticipated has lost it’s luster now in its 22nd year. Still great, but never will be the same.



Road of Punishment


The rain falls down,

Agitated, agitation

Welcome to desolation,

Better cover your eyes,

It’s a cruel world out there


Show Me The Selfie


I posed with a Slurpee on 7/11/16, extending my other arm with the phone out to take this. My phone only has a rear facing camera so I couldn’t view my face on the screen in the process, which leads to numerous bad shots that are off center or blurry. It looks like I have brown eyes in this picture but they are actually electric blue.

I don’t take too many selfies anymore because I am tired of being self-absorbed in my own appearance. I occasionally post selfies on Instagram and then delete then if they receive zero likes because I’ve got OCD.

This is for the Shameless Selfie Challenge (unofficially named).

I guess I’ll be the second after this one:

Selfies in Seattle Challenge









Under the City Lights

Image result for new york at night


The sun slowly sets over the New York skyline

Young love runs into the shadows

The criminals await their pivotal moment

To attack and steal the riches

Cats and dogs stake their claim of the smoky street

While the native rats scurry for a late night snack

The moon is shining down upon the nightlife

The nocturnal hour is alive and well

You’d better watch your back

Because it’s a dangerous world

When the monsters come out and feast upon the vulnerable

A joyride in the dark

Proves to be thrilling

Until tragedy strikes

Someone will go to jail, someone will elude it

It’s a city at dusk, go ahead and lose it


Carefree Words


I live the carefree life, no worries for me

Just living out my time, writing so poetically

Not going to fret, my life is here to stay

Give me some lemons, I’m here all day


Thinking Deeper

Is an orange just an orange? Is your red the same as my red? Is this universe the only universe or are there multiple ones out there?

I love to be a deep thinker. It helps with problem solving and finding meaning to life’s bigger questions. Sometimes living on the surface is not enough. To be a shallow thinker is to put blinders on and only see what is in front of you. My vision for the future is more clearer when I allow myself to pave the road in my head.

We all have to think deeper from time to time. Scratching the surface is bound to only get you so far in the game. Look beyond your borders. Look beyond what you perceive to be correct and try to change it up a bit. You say you are bored because you are not looking hard enough for things that stimulate your interests. You are bored because you are only used to doing the things within your comfort zone.

There has to be more to life than just what is in front of us. There has to be more than just a life and death story. We are all here for a reason. We all want to leave a lasting mark on the world. What’s the point of living if you have no purpose?

Life is not fair, this I know. I don’t come from a wealthy family. We are trying are best to get by and survive. I don’t mind living such a simple life because that is what I’ve been used to for a long time. I don’t mind having to have a needle inserted into my arm two times a week in order to support myself and be financially independent.I’ll get an actual job eventually.

Becoming a good writer has its challenges. Coming up with something to write about all the time, something good, is difficult. Staying interested in writing has been hard. In order to get and stay motivated, I must have a bit of anger and drive in me. At this moment, that is not existing.

I watched the Republican National Convention. I try to really care about what is going on but right now it is only about 80%. I don’t support Donald Trump and I don’t really want Hillary Clinton for President. I guess it’s what will happen in the end.


Pokemon Go: An Epic Journey

So I have gotten in on the Pokemon Go craze, which is getting kids off the couch and into the great outdoors (unless you find Pokemon in your home). It’s a great way to get exercise, I must tell you. The only problem is that I can only capture these digital creatures in the vicinity of Wi-Fi networks, because my phone is so cheap, so I am very limited on my quest to become a Pokemon Master (my late ’90s dream).




When I finally get a phone with 3G/4G capibiities and is not dependent on Wi-Fi, watch out: I’m going to be on an epic quest across the land, feasting my eyes on Pokemon.

The Madness Needs to Stop

The light has faded from their eyes

The frailness of the country evident

These downed men

Serving their homeland

Innocent souls

Lost to the insanity and chaos

Of the pitfalls of humanity



A Photo a Week Challenge: Out in the Country


A red farm shed in the quiet countryside, surrounded by a shallow forest of evergreens.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Out In the Country