Brassica Food Plot Blend Ideas

Brassica Food Plot Blend. 1/4″ (broadcast then pack well) 25 lb bag plants 6 acres;

brassica food plot blend
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25 pounds per acre of late planted forage soybeans, 100 pounds per acre of forage peas, 25 pounds per acre of oats, 3 pounds per acre of tillage radish on one half, and then a 6 pounds per acre mix of northwoods whitetails sweet feast brassicas on the other. 4 lb bag plants 1 acre;

BagRBuck Specialblend Deer Attractant Packer 3 Pack 4

50 lb bag plants 12 acres; 8.5 lb bag plants 2 acres;

Brassica Food Plot Blend

Brassica food plot seed basics.Brassica is an important part of any food plot program.Brassicas are a deer favorite, especially during the late season when other food
sources have been eaten or run their course.Brassicas make the best fall kill plots!

By combining the most preferred new zealand and brassica varieties, we created the ultimate whitetail attraction plot!Deer will begin browsing this mix quickly and it will become extremely favorable after the first frost when the forage becomes sweet.Essential nutrition throughout the winter;Establishes quickly & grows fast;

Feeding deer when the cold arrives and the snow flies is just what our brassica blend does.Food plot seed for wildlife brassica seed blend is a 100% brassica blend that is easy to establish and highly preferred by deer during the winter months.From tiny harvest plots to full blown multiple acre destination plots, northwoods whitetails has a seed blend for you.Great as a standalone but blends well with most any tecomate® fall food plot.

Grows quickly, produces lots of tonnage, and attracts and holds deer during the early and.High protein annual forage food plot.In my recent article “weed control primer” in quality whitetails magazine, i.Includes a turnip variety genetically developed for whitetail deer.

Mix includes hybrid forage brassica, turnips, rape seed, radish, and annual ryegrass.Northwoods sweet feast brassica blend.Provides several different forage sources for late fall and winter.Quick to emerge and easy to grow.

Tecomate® brassica banquet grows well in northern and southern climates and is ideal for any size highly grazed plot.That is a key reason to plant other types of cereal grains to attract and hold deer to your plot.The addition of purple top turnip provides an attractive food source that will sustain the draw of your plot through late fall and winter after the tops are gone.The addition of purple top turnip provides an attractive food source that will sustain the draw of your plot through late fall and winter after the tops are gone.

The boneyard brassica blend is an attractive food source for deer even through the bitter cold and snowy months of the year.The roots of the turnips and radishes will also be browsed and is a good food source for deer throughout late fall and winter.The sugar beets are browsed early and the brassica bulbs powered by the ‘green top’ bulb (the highest preferred bulb we’ve tested) making this a plot attractive early, but a strong late season food source as well.They are my favorite plantings, for numerous reasons;

They are the most attractive, best producing (yield), most nutritious, easiest to plant and one of the hardiest growing food plot choices we have.This ability to stockpile feed helps whitetail deer survive the harsh winter months until spring growth appears.This can be challenging when coming up with herbicide control options.This cold hardy mix will provide abundant green, leafy forage.

This deer food plot mix produces a lush forage to attract deer during the fall, winter and early spring.This deer food plot seed is all brassicas.This is a carefully selected brassica blend that was developed to produce a maximum amount of forage.This mix can be grown with minimal seedbed.

This mix establishes quickly and produces high protein forage.To attract and provide nutrition for deer.To best attract deer in late fall, plant brassica blend anytime from late summer to.Usage of this brassica plot will peak after the first fall frost as sugar content in the.

Vp brassica blend is a blend of kale, rape, turnips, and radishes.We started as a company on a kitchen table and have quickly grown to one of the best seed companies around.We understand that not every plot is the same.When it comes to annuals, many readers of this publication know that brassicas are, in my opinion, the best deer food god ever created.

Why use big and beasty food plots?Winter bulbs & beets is a great diverse food plot offering, inspired by the proven success of our late season brassica bulbs.With a couple of new plots and a variety of food plot soil and weed conditions, i had to rely completely on my old faithful of food plot blends:With forage rape, kale, tillage radish, and 3 varieties of turnips, our brassica blend has it all.

Years ago, when toxey haas and grant woods first introduced brassicas to the food plot market, rape was the primary type of brassica used.