How To Say Food In Cantonese Ideas

How To Say Food In Cantonese. (so “街邊” means street side.) 小食/嘢食 means snack. (the older the better) lapsang souchong.

how to say food in cantonese
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A collection of useful phrases in cantonese, a variety of chinese spoken in hong kong, macau, southern china, and a number of other. Also this video was suggested by our friend on facebook, alekzandra manus.

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As for the cantonese of street food, “街” stands for street. Both cantonese and mainland chinese are tonal tongues.

How To Say Food In Cantonese

Cantonese food in the us.Cantonese food is definitely one of the most popular cuisines not just because it came from china but also because of its natural tasting flavors.Cantonese is separate from mainland chinese.Delicious in cantonese for food:

Due to the burst of the added population in the area, cantonese is the leading chinese dialect applied within chinese communities abroad.Dz i ng san siu dzon.Excuse me (to walk by) 對唔住.For chinese cuisine, it is important not only for the food to taste good but it also has to look good.

Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into cantonese.Hope these phrases are useful for your next conversation over a good meal!How to say delicious in cantonese our cantonese phrase for the week.How to say delicious in cantonese.

How to say enjoy your meal! in cantonese chinese and in 32 more languages.How to say i eat in cantonese chinese and in 32 more languages.If this is your first time eating at a cantonese restaurant, they will offer you a variety of dishes from pork recipes, beef, fish, and other seafood.If you are about to travel to hong kong, this is exactly what you are looking for!

If you want to describe food as delicious, you can use adjective 好食 [hou2 sik6] or 好味 [hou2 mei6].If you want to know “how to say….In cantonese, train is translated into 火車 (fóchē) and bus is 巴士 (bāsí).In chinese”, please let us know!

In context of the following examples, the respective cantonese measure words for 火車 and 巴士 are 班 (bāan) and 架 (ga).In fact, i’ll encourage you to observe how this phrase is commonly used in cantonese conversations and try to pick up the.Learn cantonese through ling app.My name is eugene from and see you next week!

Or if we missed something, just leave a comment here and we are more than happy to help!Planning to go to hong kong?Remember, it is not bad to say no sometimes.Sai1 gwaa1 hou2 hou2 sik6.

The language uses measure words or numeral classifiers before the actual nouns.The largely chinese crowd attests to the authenticity of the food, which ranges from steamed pork buns and taro dumplings to chicken feet with peanuts and peking duck—if you’re.The meaning of 好食 and 好味 is identical.The most prevalent dialect of china is mandarin.

The popularity of cantonese food in the u.s.The taste and flavors of cantonese cuisine are a reflection of their culture.There is an expression 色香味俱全 sè xiāng wèi jù quán, meaning “it looks, smells and tastes good”.These were probably the very first words i learned in cantonese!

This is appearent in the usa where it’s not unusual to see restaurants switching from cantonese, to other types of more popular types of fashionable chinese foods with no change in management.This literally means no in english and it can be used in many situations just like the word yes.To express the english phrase “have some food”, cantonese speakers will say 食啲嘢.To express “buy some food”, cantonese speakers will say 买嘢食.

To say no in cantonese, use the word 唔係 (m4 hai6).To say please and thank.Today, cantonese food is very popular among western foodies.Very appropriate considering as it feels like we’ve.

Watch this video and find out the exact words you’re looking for!We call that “掃街” which literally mean “sweeping across the street (for street food)”.Which gives you a very good idea about guangzhouat the end of the day this city is really all about food.Which gives you a very good idea about guangzhou…at the end of the day, this city is really all about food.

You can use this in situations like shopping, dining, and traveling around the country.“delicious!” or literally, “very good taste”.你煮 (zi)的物件真好食 or 你煮 (zu)的物件真好食, which means “the food that you cooked is really delicious”.好食 [hou2 sik6]/ 好味 [hou2 mei6] there are several words that mean delicious in cantonese.

物件真好食, which means “food is delicious”;看着就好吃 is a good way to say that you like the food just by the way it looks.