Sunday Stills: Circles

Or more like the Monday Montage…

But anyway, here are some pictures of circles I took for the Sunday Stills Challenge this week, my entrance into the month of June, the transition into the carefree period of summer and crappy gameshows.
Sunday StillsPaper Towel roll
Sunday StillsStool
Sunday StillsCat’s Eatery
Sunday StillsScotch Blue Painter’s Tape – used more like regular tape in our house
Sunday StillsWater spigot knob
Sunday StillsEmpty hornet’s nest…or so I think
Sunday StillsThe sound through my ears
Sunday StillsGrill vent cover
Sunday StillsReliant deadlock
Sunday StillsBBQ Pro Temp Gauge…read it to heat it to eat it
Sunday StillsA little closer look at all 700 degrees (350º C) of it.

Just 25 more days until this blog turns two years old! At this point last year I had less than 20 posts and less than 100 followers and had never received a comment. Amazing how everything can change.


Walk the 180 Degree Line

180 Degrees – The straight and narrow path

I used to follow the world around

Walking their neatly laid out line

But that got quite annoying

So I decided to try my own kind

Now I wake up excited every morning

Ready to make some hay

The presidential elections

As always:

Neither side do I sway

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “180 Degrees.”

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

They Can See For Miles and Miles

The golden rule about sharing stuff online: if you wouldn’t want your mom or dad seeing it then it shouldn’t be put on the Internet. I’m pretty careful for the most part and only put up things that are carefully reviewed by my cerebral cortex. But of course, some embarrassing stuff does slip through occasionally and I’m subject to someone’s laughter (or annoyance) miles away.

In Facebook, I share photos and the occasional status update. The statuses are usually about something important happening in my life, not about what I had for breakfast or when I’m going to bed. I don’t like to complain about my life or try to seek attention since in the end it does no good. I might also upload a video, but it’s usually of an anonymous matter not including myself. It’s pretty mild stuff.

On Twitter, it’s mostly my WordPress posts publicized on there but I try to make my feed more interesting by including some witty, humorous Tweets that always seem to be ignored.

On Tumblr, same as above, but I’ll also post some random pictures with interesting text.

On Google +, it started off as a place to post my YouTube videos, but now it has turned into more of a place to share my photography from my blog with the appropriate circles..

I haven’t been using YouTube much at all lately, but when I was uploading videos, I tended to put up content that was trying to be informative but at the same time offer a little bit of humor without making a complete fool of myself. I’ve never gotten into vlogging because a) my life is too boring for that and b) it involves sharing some private things in my life.

All in all, I have no qualms about my online privacy. There’s nothing out there that would compromise me as a person. But in fact, as I’m sitting here right now, anyone can access stuff about me on the Internet in just a few simple clicks. Just do a reverse phone lookup and see where I live. Hunt up my social profiles, see where I went to school, who my relatives are, what I like/dislike. Not that anyone would find anything really that interesting about me, unless they found my blog which as of now is my hotspot on the Internet. I kind of dig the thrill of having a part of me preserved in the databanks of the digital globe for future generations to see. It’s probably as immortal as it gets for me.

It makes sense to keep personal information about yourself, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, out of the wrong hands but you can never say for sure that nothing will be used against you on here because super cybercriminals have ways of extracting the tiniest bit of information and rendering you obsolete or presumably declared dead. They can see for miles, so beware. I feel pretty safe on the Internet, but it’s kind of eerie that one could assume my identity tomorrow and I couldn’t prove that I was, well, me anymore. Someone in Japan or even my next door neighbor.

Many of you are probably thinking about The Who song now. Well, I’ll do you a favor and post it here, since it relates to the Internet in a huge way, though maybe not in the way of  this 1960s video for the song.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

WPC: On the Way

Day 232 of 2014: Going to Missouri to see the third child

To our Missouri
Under the metal canopy
Showed me a loved one

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

owpc_cold My freezer gets quite cold at times, turning water into solid blocks of ice in minutes. Cuts of meat turn into frozen rocks of near inedibleness (which isn’t a word but I don’t know how else to describe it). Ground beef and the large turkey in there require a long defrost before they are anywhere near fit for cooking. Sometimes it’s like the frozen tundra of Russia or the Arctic Circle in there. But of course this would never come close to what a walk-in freezer is like. That is chilly!
 This plastic bottle of malt liquor has froze into a sort of malt slush. I exaggerated the coldness in Photoshop by adjusting the curves filter.
And our favorite cold dish of ice cream, this being a Mini Banana Split Sundae.


And wash down the hot fudge of the ice cream, or that delicious steak dinner, with a nice cold glass of water and ice.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

Not Enough Nightmare Fuel

I don’t have a lot of nightmares. Lots of unusual, incomprehensible dreams but not nightmares where I could actually feel a sense of dread. There’s just not enough nightmare fuel for anything creepy to popup or it might be that I’m quite immune to these things. Not even Five Nights At Freddy’s could turn my slumber hours into an REM horror.

I think the last real nightmare I had consisted of my dad lying on a raft sinking into a dark swamp and being quickly covered in a bunch of rats (weird, I know). The worst part is when I simply walked ahead onto solid land just before a spooky forest of trees, looked back at my dad being swallowed by the swamp, and muttered, “He wasn’t worth it anyway.” He was lying face up on the makeshift raft in a way akin to one lying in their deathbed. I could sense a sort of sadness and despair, could slightly hear an eerie orchestra playing as a deep regrettable sorrow washed over me. I would miss him, but at the same time was glad to see him go.

I think this nightmare may stem from the fact that I haven’t always seen eye to eye with my father. He’s always tried to control my life, program me into doing everything his way but I’ve always had a free-spirited, independent mind to not be swayed the way his father did to him. I guess because there was a long stretch in my life where I only saw him maybe two times a week that I sort of drifted apart, became my own person instead of a chip off the old block, like they always say. I see him a lot more today than the times just after the divorce and he tends to want to help me with life, but there’s still this gap between us, this valley of differences; he’s living as he did maybe twenty years ago with the same haircut, clothes, and dry sense of humor while I’ve been a little more varied in my looks and tastes in just about everything.

I remember a version of this prompt being used a few months ago, my response to it being an assortment of dreams I had in the past and blended into a twisting story of fear and the supernatural.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

One Four Challenge – May Week 4

Week 3 Processing
Mirror with Mosaic Texture
Week 4 Processing

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mine was pretty mellow for the most part and I’m excited for the month of June to finally come about, which means vacations, great weather, baseball games, and the best time to go looking for a (real) job! I put real in parentheses because the one I have now is hardly suitable for long term and may only last another week.

My final entry for Robyn’s One Four Challenge takes one more radical turn. This week, I took two of my edits, combined them, and added a mosaic texture filter. There is also an Amber/Gold hue/saturation filter applied on top of the layers.

Here is a gallery of all four weeks. You can see how I’ve jazzed up the original with different textures and filters and diversified with different colors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I here there is also a review for this challenge coming up. I’m not sure what else I would talk about with these pictures but I’ll be sure to stay tuned for more details.