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Soul Food Pedal Jhs. 15 reasons to buy jhs soul food modified overdrive pedal. As you may know, the soul food is a pedal heavily inspired by the famous klon centaur.the klon is a rare overdrive pedal, which sells around 1500 euros today!

soul food pedal jhs
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Controls the amount of input gain. Ehx green russian pi “moscow mod”.

Best Selling ElectroHarmonix Soul Food Transparent

Ehx nano muff “moonpi mod”. Ehx soul food “meat & 3 mod” distortion / fuzz all jhs mods have been discontinued at this time.

Soul Food Pedal Jhs

From the outside, this is a very similar pedal.I would a
lso snap up a modded klon ktr if i.I would buy two if this was the case.If you didn’t have friends, you definitely will now!

It is probably gong to get sold pretty soon here.It’s a soul food with a jhs type mod jeez, i hope so.It’s a very nice pedal.It’s on pair with fredric golden eagle.

It’s the soul food, now with extra meat!Jhs did a modification on this for a while that we called the “meat & 3 mod,” basically a reference to the traditional southern meal where you.Jhs pedals > discontinued and….Lastly, they also added a bass contour meat knob to really make this pedal a tone shaping tool.

Looks like a reasonable move to me.Mxr dyna comp dyna ross.Prices starting at $135 average price:So i decided to mod my ehx soul food.

So if you don’t have a spare couple of thousand to lay down on a used klon, you could buy 15 jhs meat +3 mod soul food pedals and you and 14 of your guitar playing chums can all have that sound.Sonically way better than the soul food in every respect.Soul food meat & 3 mod, overdrive pedal from jhs pedals.Soul food meat & 3 mod.

Soul food | transparent distortion / fuzz / overdrive.Sounds fantastic with a lower gain setting.That’s not a terrible assessment.The bass soul food is just that, a four knob soul food, although the fourth knob with a signal mix.

The buffer has been on the sidelines since i got the sf.The differences are not quite as noticeable at lower gain levels, but as you increase the gain it’s easy to hear the improvements.The ehx soul food and why its not a klon klone.The ehx soul food, like anyother pedal, is a true bypass pedal but with an amazing feature.

The jhs ìmeat & 3î mod fattens up the pedal, adds two additional clipping modes and a bass contour knob.The only thing is, this would be utterly stupid for ehx to do.The soul food also accepts 9v batteries, we recommend alkaline.The soul food has a switchable buffer that will help your fuzz pedals ahead in your signal chain.

The soul food requires 22ma at 9vdc with a center negative plug.The stock pedal sells for under $80, the modded version.The stock soul food is a great pedal for the price but towards the upper gain levels it sounds a bit thin and shrill.There is a common assumption that it is a klon clone.

These changes improve the stock pedal in every way and even with the mods the pedal is incredibly affordable.These modifications retain the integrity of the original klon tones.This stompbox, created by bill finnegan in the 90s, is an overdrive with 3 controls:Tone aficionados kept telling mike matthews about a pedal that had achieved a lot of buzz because it was only obtainable at an.

We add a three way gain toggle that expands the versatility of the soul food far beyond the stock options.We have treble, volume and gain knobs on both pedals.Why put out a pedal so closely related to your other pedal, but better.You can easily push your favorite tube amplifier right to its breakup point, or use it for aggressive, distorted lead tones.

You can get silver pony assembled for the same price as sf + jhs mod.