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Soul Food Pedal Used. Although the centaur is technically discontinued, it isn’t uncommon to find a used on ebay for around $2,000, which is well out of reach of most mortals. And i’ve also owned a ktr, the arc klone v2 and the mythical overdrive.

soul food pedal used
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Another great feature is the dual gang gain control. Clean boost with a bit of hair:

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Dispatched with royal mail 1st class. From the outside, this is a very similar pedal.

Soul Food Pedal Used

I’ve owned both the regular and the jhs modded one.It has been used and abused by many guitarists, including some famous ones like jeff beck.It was my main clean boost pedal for some time.It’s a very nice pedal.

It’s on pair with fredric golden
Looks like a reasonable move to me.My soul food has now been relegated to my secondary/grab and go board, stacked with a white ‘timmy’ and whatever pedal suits my fancy at the time (right now ehx metal muff).One of their latest creations, the soul food, is an unabashed attempt to deliver an affordable version at one of the most mythical and hyped pedals ever created, the klon centaur.

Purists absolutely will want to finetune these.Sonically way better than the soul food in every respect.Soul food new is £60 i think.Soul food overdrive effect pedal.

Sounds fantastic with a lower gain setting.That was until i discovered the awesomeness of the ‘timmy’ pedal (timmah!!).That’s not a terrible assessment.The centaur is also known for its good quality buffer, like the pete cornish pedals.

The ehx soul food and why its not a klon klone.The ehx soul food provides what most of guitarrists look.The jhs ìmeat & 3î mod fattens up the pedal, adds two additional clipping modes and a bass contour knob.The klone v2 is best for single coils (when you order the bass toggle).

The last feature mentioned makes the gain and volume control more interactive.The mo is my personal favorite.The real value, however, is recognized by discerning listeners who appreciate the original and satisfying sonic territory that the ehx soul food overdrive provides in the spaces wh.The soul food has a switchable buffer that will help your fuzz pedals ahead in your signal chain.

The soul food is a clone of a pedal that has caused much ink, hype, musical snobbery and money (1500 euros the original pedal 400 reissue!):The soul food is great until you a/b it with another klon type pedal.The stock soul food is a great pedal for the price but towards the upper gain levels it sounds a bit thin and shrill.Then, you can really hear what’s missing.

There is a common assumption that it is a klon clone.These changes improve the stock pedal in every way and even with the mods the pedal is incredibly affordable.This is an overdrive pedal 3 controls, volume, gain and treble, used by a lot of guitarists, and among the largest!This pedal is said to be remarkably similar to an original klon centaur.

This stompbox, created by bill finnegan in the 90s, is an overdrive with 3 controls:Thus, the soul food is a cheaper version of the klon.Ts9 i think runs about £115 new, or maybe around £70 used.Volume 12, treble 12, drive 9

We have treble, volume and gain knobs on both pedals.You can get silver pony assembled for the same price as sf + jhs mod.{displaysku=117078724, invmsgavailability=in stock & ready to ship,.